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Safety Week 8th July- 12th July

This week Middle School focused on staying safe. We had visitors from the rail safety network, RNLI and fire service. We also took part in a first aid activity session with Mrs Peters. There was some brilliant acting from Middle School staff! We hope the pupils will use this knowledge to keep themselves and others safe over the holidays.

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The Dickens Theatre Company

This week Middle School were treated to a Macbeth workshop with the Dickens Theatre Company.  Just three actors came in and performed scenes from Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy.  Afterwards the pupils had the chance to try on costumes and ask the actors questions about the play.  It was a great morning and all the students enjoyed learning more about this famous play.

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MP Class trip to Southend Pier

On Monday 17th June , Class MP went on a trip to Southend Pier as part of their topic ‘The River Thames’.  Mrs Philpott was very proud of the class as everyone walked the mile to the end without a grumble or a moan! They visited the RNLI centre at the end of the Pier and found out how the lifeboats are lifted by crane into the water in an emergency.  They then took the Pier train back and enjoyed eating their lunch on the beach.

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Middle School Music Lessons

Middle School have been learning an alternative style of music notation this half term and learning to play the Boomwhackers. Some of the students in Middle School performed a Boomwhacker version of Ghostbusters to the school in assembly this Wednesday. Miss Stone also performed and has had great fun learning alongside the students.

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Hadleigh Farm Visit

On Monday, 10 pupils from MP, MD & ML visited Hadleigh Farm. Although it was a bit chilly, the sun shone and we ate our lunch outside. We were lucky enough to meet rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and even a giggling chicken! (Yes, it was 1st April, but the hen really did giggle when the lady tickled its tummy!) We also fed some hungry sheep and looked at some beautiful Alpacas. Everyone had a wonderful day and we were very proud of how polite all the pupils were.

Middle School Trip to Westcliff Synagogue.

On Tuesday 26th March Middle School visited Westcliff Synagogue.  Mr Greenstein and his friend Leonard talked to us about lots of Jewish history; from David and Goliath to the Dead Sea Scrolls.  We were very lucky that they also got out one of the Torah Scrolls and unwound it to show us.  We saw a Yad (Hand in Hebrew) which the Rabbi uses to point to the words when he is reading the Torah.  They use this as Jewish people believe that the words on the Torah are the words of God and must not be touched.At the end of our visit we were taught to say, "Toda", which means “Thank you” in Hebrew. 

MP Class

This week Class MP have made some lovely dioramas for World Book Day. They chose their favourite scene from a book or film & recreated it in a shoe box. We had lots of fun & the pupils worked independently on their projects.

MP- Dioramas - Book Week.jpg

Middle School Workshop

Middle school pupils had a visit from Athena, an ancient Greek Goddess. She helped the pupils to learn about the Greek gods and the Olympics through some Drama sessions. Athena told them all about temples, theatres and her father Zeus, the king of the gods!

ML Class Life Skills

Class ML have been learning about fire safety in Life Skills this term. One of the exercises they have been doing was to make a practice telephone call to the emergency services.  Mrs Bradshaw acted as the operator at the other end of this phone conversation with Grace.  They plan to visit their local station this half term.

Gamelan Orchestra

In the week of 1st July some of the students from Middle School went to visit Gamelan Orchestra,where they play traditional percussion instruments from South-East Asia.  To show respect for the instruments we all took off our shoes and had a fantastic workshop with Ms Stuchfield who works for the Indonisian Embassy.  The students  performed on all the instruments and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sounds these special and exotic instruments make.

Gamelan Orchestra.jpg

Science Lesson for MD Class

MD went into the Science room and took part in an experiment wih Mr Sankey.  He told them about safety rules in the lab and they did an experiment which showed  which food out of a selection had the most energy.

MD Science Lesson.jpg

Class MD Trip to Chalkwell Beach

On Tuesday 21st May, Class MD went to Chalkwell Beach as part of our topic on the River Thames. We wanted to find out what lived in the estuary so we went to the crabbing pond.  We caught lots of crabs and saw some ducks on the river.  The crabs liked ham the most!  The sun was shining so we had an ice cream and ate our lunch on the beach.  It was a great trip.

MD Chalkwell Beach.jpg

MD Class present work on the River Thames

Class MD have started to learn about the River Thames this term.  So far we have learnt that it starts as a spring, (which looks like a puddle) in a field in Cirencester.  It is 215 miles long and there are over 200 bridges and 20 tunnels currently being used to get from one side to the other.  We are going to go to the river at Chalkwell when it is warmer and see what kind of creatures live in the river and maybe have an ice cream too!

MD River Thams.jpg

Abbott’s Hall Farm Visit

On Monday 1st April 2019 classes MD & ML went to Abbott’s Hall Farm near Colchester.   We looked at how the farmers encourage wildlife to live in their fields and help them by controlling the pests that eat the crops.  We went to the bird hide and used binoculars to look over the river Blackwater.  We could see Bradwell.  We used nets to catch bugs from the trees and the long grass.  We ate lunch then made our own bread which was cooked over an open fire and we also tried the butter challenge!

Abbotts Hall Farm.jpg

Essex Growing Communities

Students from Cedar Hall recently took part in the Growing Communities Competition.  We are pleased to announce that Caitlin (8C), has been awarded the runner up position in the “Healthy Packed Lunch Plot” Special Schools category.  Caitlin’s design of a chicken kebab and salad has won Cedar Hall £150 of allotment equipment from Perrywood Garden Centre.  Well done Caitlin!

Growing Communities.jpg

Middle School Science Lessons

Middle school's Science topic this half term is 'Changing States in Matter'. MP class have been looking at how some matter can be changed from one state to another and that some can be returned to their original state. They carried out some experiments to prove the theory. Firstly they added heat to chocolate to change it from a solid to a liquid. They then put it in the fridge, reducing its temperature to turn it back into a solid. They discovered that this was a reversible change. Secondly they toasted some bread but were unable to revert it back to its original state so that was an irreversible change.