Middle School Workshop

Middle school pupils had a visit from Athena, an ancient Greek Goddess. She helped the pupils to learn about the Greek gods and the Olympics through some Drama sessions. Athena told them all about temples, theatres and her father Zeus, the king of the gods!

Middle School Science Lessons

Middle school's Science topic this half term is 'Changing States in Matter'. MP class have been looking at how some matter can be changed from one state to another and that some can be returned to their original state. They carried out some experiments to prove the theory. Firstly they added heat to chocolate to change it from a solid to a liquid. They then put it in the fridge, reducing its temperature to turn it back into a solid. They discovered that this was a reversible change. Secondly they toasted some bread but were unable to revert it back to its original state so that was an irreversible change.

ML Class Life Skills

Class ML have been learning about fire safety in Life Skills this term. One of the exercises they have been doing was to make a practice telephone call to the emergency services.  Mrs Bradshaw acted as the operator at the other end of this phone conversation with Grace.  They plan to visit their local station this half term.