You have accurately targeted increasing pupils' literacy and mathematics skills by gaining greater consistency in teaching throughout all key stages.  Teachers are enthusiastic about their subjects.

Governors are aware of the improvements that have been made since the last inspection.  They feel that the school is 'on a journey, but now with real direction'.

Pupils told us that they feel safe at school and almost all would recommend the school to a friend.

The vast majority of parents, carers, pupils and staff who responded during the inspection were positive about the school and your leadership.  One parent said, 'The staff at Cedar Hall are simply wonderful.  I've never known such dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and support staff, and each one we've encountered has had such an amazing approach to meeting my son's special needs'.

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Our Mission Statement

‘Our school is a friendly, welcoming place where everyone is encouraged to do and achieve their best. We believe every pupil should be taught to have a go, try new things and look out for the welfare of others. We provide the opportunities for children to shine. Everybody is somebody at Cedar Hall.’

OFSTED Report 2018

Some excerpts from our latest inspection:-

Cedar Hall School provides great learning experiences that have a lasting impact  on your pupils.  Parents and Carers consistently recognise this, and they say how important the curriculum is in meeting the special educational needs (SEN) of their children.


Pupils try their best and are enthusiastic to share their work with others.  They are rightly proud of their achievements

Leaders, teachers and the pupils themselves understand that lessons that are matched to pupils' specific needs and interests, and are engaging, create the best learning environment.


Your leadership team and governors have an accurate picture of the strengths of the school and what needs to be improved.

You have taken effective action to improve pupils' attendance.  The improvements are due to new approaches to monitoring the attendance of each pupil, and you are taking early action to support those who are regularly absent from school.

Safeguarding is a priority for the whole school community and reflects the specific, specialist needs of the pupils and their families.  Safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose and records are detailed and of a high quality.

Pupils said that they feel safe and know how to seek help from staff when needed.