The Leadership and Management are Good

Good leadership and management have ensured that the area for improvement identified at the previous inspection has been addressed well.

Leaders have ensured that good or better teaching continues across the school and have brought about good improvement in the use of Support Assistants to support pupils' learning since the previous inspection.  Other pupils have good opportunities to prepare for a range of exams, with an increase in the number of GCSE subjects offered from 3 to 5 since the previous inspection.

Pupils benefit from a range of enrichment opportunities which have been extended since the previous inspection.  These include an international trip, cooking clubs, a residential trip, visitors to the school, a range of well thought out visits to places of interest and a wide variety of after school clubs including Dance, Cooking and a Homework club.  New facilities such as the multi-gym, a large horticultural area, new all-weather football pitches and a quiet area are enjoyed by pupils and enrich learning.

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Our Mission Statement

‘Our school is a friendly, welcoming place where everyone is encouraged to do and achieve their best. We believe every pupil should be taught to have a go, try new things and look out for the welfare of others. We provide the opportunities for children to shine. Everybody is somebody at Cedar Hall.’

OFSTED Report 2013

The inspection judgements were as follows:-

The Achievement of Pupils is Good

At Key Stage 4 pupils are thoroughly prepared for further education, employment and training.  Accurate school data which is externally checked by the Local Authority show that a small yet significant number of pupils make outstanding progress in basic skills, including Information and Communication Technology.  A significant number of pupils make outstanding progress in practical subjects such as Food Technology, Design Technology, Art and P.E.  In lessons seen pupils across the school make outstanding progress in music.

The Quality of Teaching is Good

Good quality teaching has been sustained since the previous inspection because leaders have rigourously monitored the impact of teaching on pupils' learning and progress across the school.  As a result some teaching is outstanding.

Learning activities are well planned, matched closely to pupil's individual needs and are varied and interesting and enable pupils to make choices in their learning.  The best teaching was seen in practical subjects where teachers have particular expertise.  They know how to deepen the thinking of all pupils through providing skilful feedback on how well they are doing and showing them how to improve further.

The Behaviour and Safety of Pupils is Good

Pupils behaviour and safety in lessons is nearly always good and sometimes it is outstanding as a result of strong relationships between staff and pupils and consistently good management of bahaviour.  Pupils individual targets for behaviour in lessons are displayed and are consistently referred to when needed.

Pupils behaviour around the school is good and sometimes outstanding.  Pupils are polite and courteous to visitors, help one another and maintain relationships with others.  They say bullying is rare and if it occurs staff always deal with it quickly.