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Pupil Premium Policy

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Pupil Premium Grant 2018-19

Pupil Premium Grant 2017-18

Pupil Premium Grant 2016-17


Primary Sports Funding Grant 2018-19

 Enhanced SSP Membership 2016/17

Cedar Hall invests a portion of the Primary PE and Sport Funding in working in partnership and collaboration with The Deanes Academy through the Castle Pointand Rochford School Sport Partnership to access a variety of services to benefit students and staff of the school.  This allows us to be part of an infrastructure of 50 schools benefitting from guidance and development around high quality physical education, increasing the range and breadth of 'School Sport' opportunities and educating young people regarding healthy and active lifestyles.

Each week our primary students are benefitting from a specialist member of The Deanes SSP Team delivering curricular PE lessons for two hours per week.

In addition we aim, in the future, to implement a Change4Life club to allow a wider range of our students to access extracurricular PE and School sport provision.