School Policies

The school has a full range of policies.  Our Behaviour; Child Protection; Charging & Remissions; Special Educational Needs; Equality, Diversity & Cohesion; and Complaints Policies can be downloaded here:-

Behaviour Policy               Child Protection Policy          Special Educational Needs           Complaints  

Equality, Diversity & Cohesion              Exclusion Policy         Charging and Remissions      Admissions

If you wish to have copies of any of our other policies which are listed below please contact the school via the contact us page and we will be happy to email you the latest copies you require.

Admissions                                                               Gifted and talented                                               Special Educational Needs

Annual Review                                                        Governors Involvement                                       Student

Animals in School                                                  Hearing Impaired                                                   Teaching & Learning Monitoring

Anti-bullying                                                            Health & Safety                                                        Transport 

Body Fluids                                                              Home to School Agreement                               Working with Parents                      

Collective Worship                                                Inclusion                                                              

Communications                                                   International                                                       

Complaints                                                              Internet & E-Mail                                                

Confidentiality                                                       Lettings                                           

Copyright                                                                 Marking                                                          

Data Protection                                                    Medical

Drugs                                                                        Performance Management Procedure

Emergency Plan                                                   Physical Contact with Children

Educational Visits                                                Physical Intervention                                                    

Equal Opportunities                                           Pupil Premium

Exams                                                                      Reporting

E-Safety                                                                  Rights and Responsibilities

Freedom of Information                                  Social Communication


We also have policies that relate to all our Curriculum subjects and mandatory and recommended policies issued by the Local Authority .  These are also available upon request.