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In the last couple of weeks the car mechanics have been working on our donor car. We had a problem. The battery was dead. We jump-started it and put the battery on charge, but the next day it still wouldn't start. Castlepoint Motors came to the rescue with a new battery (free of charge!). Elliot helped fit it. We also practiced changing a wheel (see Reece in action). Big thanks to Castlepoint Motors who saved the day.


As part of their new ASDAN course, some of the Year 10 students visited the local park to look at the new facilities which have recently been installed.  Here are Annabelle, Sophie and Sharon  reviewing the play equipment.

Year 10 Asdan.jpg

GB Class- Tower of London

On Monday 1st July Class GB were very fortunate to visit the Tower of London, where they saw the crown jewels, guarded by two very strict soldiers.  We chatted to Beefeaters, counted the ravens and received a special fast pass to go straight to the front of the queue which meant that we did not have to wait a couple of hours to see the crown jewels .  We also enjoyed travelling by C2C train and were delighted with our pupils’ behaviour which was complimented on by visitors and our wonderful Tower of London tour guide, Estelle, who talked to us about the Tower and its heritage.   This amazing trip was funded  thanks to Harry who won the Jack Petchey award. 

GB- Tower of London 2019.jpg

Art Exhibition

Year 11 students, Kurtley, Charlie, Jamie, Henry, Jordan and Lachlan have been working hard over the past few months to organise an exhibition showcasing the artwork of the year 11s in our school.  Among students, staff, family and friends, the Mayor of Castle Point visited the school last Friday to take in some weird and wonderful art. The exhibition was a great success and even raised over £50 for the Art Department.  Well done Year 11s!

Bricklaying at Cedar Hall

Mr H has been working with the Secondary Department on their bricklaying skills.  Here is Riley proudly showing the arch that he has built.

Bricklaying- RB.png

GB Wall Display

Fabulous work from Class GB on Wassily Kandinsky.

GB- Wall Display.jpg

Year 10 and 11 visit to Village Eatery

On Tuesday Mrs Hoy and Mr Hammond took some Year 10 and 11 pupils on a visit to the local café The Village Eatery.   The students each had a budget of just £5.00 and had  already looked at money and budgets for three lessons beforehand.  They looked at scenarios that could happen such as something on the menu being unavailable or the possibility of something being added for a small extra charge

Science Lessons

Year 8 pupils have been  investigating what surface a ball bounces on best. They took short photo bursts on a camera to see the balls highest point. They found out the ball bounces the highest on concrete and the lowest on grass! The Year 9 pupils looked at chromatography of inks, look at the photo of the food colourings in skittles making a lovely rainbow!

Textile Lessons

In Textiles lessons recently Year 8 and 9 pupils have been making outfits for some wooden mannequins. They all had the task of designing an outfit and then putting their designs into practise by making them using pieces of fabric etc. In the picture below you can see some of their fabulous creations.

Writtle College

Each Friday Mr Sankey, Miss Stone and a Year 10 class spend the day at Writtle College near Chelmsford. Writtle was established in 1893 and offers a range of land-based, design and sport courses at various levels of academic study including Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Further Education, Short Courses and Apprenticeships. Our Year 10 pupils spend time each week in various areas of the college doing interesting things such as gardening, woodwork and working with the animals. 


Class GB is reading Beowulf and they used the cover to discuss what they think the book will be about. They then designed their own book covers. They showed their designs to the rest of the school in assembly.

Year 11 Team Building

On Tuesday 17th September, all the year 11’s were taken off timetable to complete a team building day consisting of a range of different challenges they had to overcome. The challenges ranged from building bridges and sack races to moving buckets with ropes and channelling water using bits of guttering. All the challenges involved teamwork, strategy and collaboration but most importantly the challenges had the potential for initial failure, followed by their own evaluation and a successful outcome providing everyone with a great sense of achievement. Overall, the day was a great success and all the pupils had fun!

Chance to Dance 2019

For six weeks 10 Secondary students have been working alongside a professional dancer on the Chance to Dance project. The University of Bedfordshire and the Royal Opera House fund this amazing project to encourage and develop dance in schools across the region. The ten students were introduced to different styles of dance ranging from contemporary to hip hop. Together they choreographed a short routine. All the students really enjoyed the opportunity to try something new and express their creativity.

Chane to Dance  2019 .jpg

Year 11 Prom 2019

On Wednesday 12th June the Year 11 leavers attended the Leavers’ Prom. The students were collected from either Canvey or Rayleigh by limo and enjoyed a drive around before arriving at the school for photos. They then enjoyed a fish and chip dinner followed by magic tricks and a disco.  The mocktail bar was a big success! A big thank you to all those involved in making this event a success – especially to Mrs White who co-ordinated the preparations for the night.

We would like to say farewell to all the Year 11s and wish them all the very best in their new ventures.

Food Tech V Cert Students

This week in Food Tech Lessons the VCert students have made breakfast muffins.  The students said, “We had to make buttermilk by adding lemon juice to the milk and leaving it for 20 minutes.”

Vcert Food Tech.jpg

Secondary Girls Pamper Day

Sarah (10S) won the Jack Petchey award recently and chose to spend the prize money on a pamper day at Just Pampered in Rayleigh for the girls in Secondary. They each had two treatments and could choose between a facial, manicure and pedicure. The girls all had a lovely time.

Secondary Pamper Day.jpg

GB Class- ASDAN Work

As part of their ASDAN work GB had two visitors from Laos come into school to tell us about their culture. The class learnt greetings in Lao, tried some Lao food, learnt about Buddhist thanksgiving ceremonies and attempted some traditional Lao dancing. They even got to dress up in traditional costume.

GB- Laos Visit.jpg

Yoga lessons

LB class have started enjoying Yoga lessons. The pupils are really following the school motto well because they are all having a go and doing their best. It was a bit strange for some people at first but the teacher said thinking about our breathing and doing Yoga poses might help us to be in the Green Zone. It worked! The exercises made Jamie feel calm and Paris feel peaceful. Connor said 'It was fun'.

Year 11 Prom 2018

On Wednesday 13th June the Year 11 pupils attended their Prom. They arrived in style in Limousines and had their photographs taken on the red carpet. Once inside they were entertained by a magician and were served a drink from the Cocktail Bar. During the evening they sat down for a meal together and then enjoyed time dancing and having some more photos taken with props etc. A lovely night was had by all!

Y.E.W Trip 2018

This year's residential trip took place in the week beginning 25th June 2018. A group of pupils visited Truleigh Hill, Brighton and Medway and experienced some fantastic sights and activities such as The Seven Sisters Walk, riding bikes, going on a toboggan and seeing Chatham Docks to name but a few! A very successful trip for all.